Titans rookie Zach Mettenberger 'sucker-punched' at bar

<p> Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger got sucker-punched at a bar, according to the owner of the Nashville night spot.</p> <p> Steve Ford, the owner of Losers Most Wanted Bar & Grill, told the Tennessean that Mettenberger was minding his own business when he got punched in the face. Mettenberger was unhurt.</p> <p> "Here's the truth: The guy said something about 'Roll Tide!' to Zach, and Zach turned around and said 'Good luck with that,' " Ford said. "And the guy's buddy then sucker-punched Zach. I promise you that Mettenberger did not throw a punch. He didn't do anything. The guy sucker-punched him in the eye, that's the bottom line, and the guy that punched him started running out the door. My door guys had to chase him down."</p> <p> Mettenberger denied a rumor that he broke his hand during the incident.</p> <p> "Bogus rumor," Mettenberger told the Tennessean.</p> <p> Mettenberger isn't pressing charges.</p> <p> "It is what it is and it's over. No one is pressing charges," Ford said. "It shouldn't have happened to begin with. The guy said 'Roll Tide.' He tried to provoke him. But Zach did not throw one punch, period. I was standing right next to him.</p> <p> "I know in 15 years being in the bar business, I know that everyone is trying to provoke someone who is a moving billboard. I don't care if they are country music, a rapper, football players or whatever. Everybody is trying to push somebody's buttons. It is a lawsuit jungle out there."</p> <p> Follow me on Twitter: <a href="http://www.twitter.com/RavensInsider">@RavensInsider</a></p> <p> Aaron Wilson covers the Ravens for The Baltimore Sun</p>
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson covers the NFL for National Football Post, his second stint at the Post. He has previously written for Pro Football Talk and FOX Sports-Scout. Entering his 13th year covering the Baltimore Ravens, he's a beat writer for The Baltimore Sun. Wilson has also covered the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans.

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