Adams needs to leave coaching to Fisher

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams made a comment yesterday in regards to Vince Young that still isn’t sitting well with me this afternoon.

According to The Tennessean, Adams told reporters that it was his call to make the switch from Kerry Collins to Vince Young at the quarterback position, saying, “I made the move this time because we had lost six in a row and we had 21 of the 22 players that got us the best record in 2008. I said, ‘It’s time to make a change right now.’”

Well, how convenient to come out and say such a thing after Young has taken this team on a 5-0 run and put the Titans right back in the playoff race.

My question: what if it was the opposite and Young had come in and the Titans could not turn it around? Would we then see an owner coming out and proclaiming that it was his decision to play the quarterback—despite the team’s lack of success?

Of course not, and this is why this statement is something you would only hear from the luxury box up above the stadium or on the sideline in the fourth quarter—in between giving the middle finger to the opposing team, which Adams so eloquently did after a win against the Bills. Classy move.

Despite whose decision this was, this is still Jeff Fisher’s team and Jeff Fisher’s locker room. I know that there are Titans fans who think that Fisher gets too much respect from the media and too much respect from the league, but I can’t agree with anyone who doesn’t believe that it is Fisher’s leadership that has aided the Tennessee turnaround—along with Young’s production.

He is the one running the meetings, the practices and making the decisions on Sundays, while rich owners, like Adams, are watching from high above.

It has always been coaching, not ownership, that leads to playoff runs during the season, especially at the crucial point we’re at right now—where seasons are won or lost. Yes, I agree after seeing V.Y. lead the 99-yard drive—after his fifth straight win—that Collins had to be sat down. No question about that anymore. Vince Young is the right man for the Titans at this point in his career and at this point in Fisher’s career as the head coach.

If Adams made the call to get Young into the lineup, well, great. I don’t see why we have to hand him a trophy or why Adams himself needs to let us all know that he is in charge.

Because this Sunday, when Tennessee travels to Indy, it will be Fisher that prepares the team to play, to execute and to try and win its sixth in a row.

With V.Y. under center—no matter who made the decision.

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