Are the Eagles slow playing a Vick deal?

Is anyone else buying the idea that the Eagles won’t actively look to move Michael Vick until August — when training camp is underway?

What value would the QB have then? Maybe a backup role in another city, but to expect a team to come in — with injury issues at their quarterback position — and make an offer for Vick in August just isn’t sitting well with me today.

Yes, there is always the strong possibility that Philly and Andy Reid have zero intention of letting Vick go, and we have to take that into account. There’s also the idea that current franchise QB Donovan McNabb is actually up for discussion when it comes to the trading block.

A camp battle between Kevin Kolb and Vick for the starting QB job for the 2010 Eagles?

Probably a little too much speculation there, but after the reports surfaced on last night, it is hard not to imagine that the Eagles aren’t slowly playing the rest of the league when it comes to Vick — because there is interest in the former Falcons starter. We have heard his name mentioned in Buffalo and in St. Louis, but anyone who follows the league knows that if a deal is made, it would most likely come before the draft.

I agree that NFL offseason programs can act more as babysitting services, outside of a weekend mini-camp and two weeks of OTA’s, but if you have your eye on Vick as a possible starter, he needs to be there. He needs to be in the playbook, in the meeting room and so on. All of the things we tend to talk and write about come May.

So, if the right offer were floated today, I don’t know how the Eagles could actually turn it down. And, that is why this report is so odd, so strange and so out of character for the NFL buzz.

Vick is an expendable player for the Eagles. It will just take the right offer to get some talk going for us. Trading for a quarterback in August? No chance.

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