Despite drama, Pats still a playoff team

I’m confused when it comes to the drama that is surrounding the New England Patriots right now.

First, it was Randy Moss, Adalius Thomas and a couple of their buddies who were late to work one day — and ushered out of the door by head coach Bill Belichick. It made headlines, and it made the Internet pop off with questions about discipline, professionalism and the like.

Then, it was the Panthers talking about shutting down Randy Moss, which has created a rumor mill previously unseen when it comes to one player — an active player — whose team had just won a ballgame. I wrote about the firestorm, and there were hundreds of other blogs written about it, as well.

We all had an opinion, and we all wanted to be sure that our voices were heard.

First, it was QB Tom Brady who defended Moss, then Belichick. And today, reports surfaced that the owner himself, Robert Kraft, wanted a spot on the train that was supporting one of his superstar players.

Now, we all can agree that at 8-5 the Pats aren’t exactly playing their best football. Their secondary isn’t fundamentally sound, and they don’t execute as well on offense as we are accustomed to with Brady and Moss.

But, does that mean we sell the Patriots already? In mid-December?

Come on. I am not buying that, just as I am not buying the notion that this new drama surrounding Moss is somehow going to derail this team. This is a veteran team, with veteran leaders, and I have a hard time believing that a Belichick-coached team is going to fold because the blogging world and the so-called “experts” who cover this league are still talking about it.

It is a “hot” topic right now in the middle of the week —and I get that, but let’s not all jump on that train because everyone tells us to when a story surrounds the Patriots.

We aren’t in that New England locker room, and although I have been in multiple NFL locker rooms myself, I can’t comment on what Belichick is saying to his team or what the relationship is like between Brady and Moss. But, I do know what type of players they have on that team and on that coaching staff, and I have a hard time believing that just because the execution isn’t right on Sundays — yet — that it is time to give the AFC Championship game tickets to Indy and San Diego.

Yes, I agree that the Patriots are in some unfamiliar territory when it comes to a team led by Brady under center with a one-game lead on both Miami and the NY Jets. That is odd to see in mid-December, but until someone actually takes this division from them with a healthy Brady, I am not ready to turn my back on what I think they are capable of when January rolls around.

Sell the Pats? No chance.

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