Don't buy into Roy Williams' frustrations

Roy Williams is talking again. Are we surprised?

He was shut out yesterday in the Cowboys playoff loss, and just like the various “retirement speeches” we hear around the league after a season-ending loss, players start talking.

Williams told when asked about the game plan and if the Cowboys called plays for him, “No. Hell no.”

I understand his frustration, as players want to make plays on the biggest stage in the NFL — the playoffs — and to get shut out is, well, embarrassing in a way.

That’s how players are. They know that when they step on the playoff stage in January that all of the league’s eyes are on them, including their peers. They can handle the criticism from the media, from the fans and from the front office. But, when it comes to falling flat in front of the players, it stings.

It is that way during the season when you play on national TV in the Sunday or Monday night game, and it takes a step up during the playoffs. Of course you want to win, and of course you want to advance to the next round, but players are unique in that they want to look good.

But, Williams has to realize that he never was part of the game plan. We talked about it all season after Miles Austin blew up against the Chiefs months ago. Austin became the No. 1 target, and I am sure that Roy felt that this was his team when Terrell Owens was gracefully let go last year. However, things change, just as game plans change during the course of a game, adjusted at halftime and thrown away by the third quarter.

Williams never really produced. Outside of the game at the Meadowlands against the Giants when he showed up in the red zone, what did we see from Roy this year? Not much, and I am sure that factored into offensive coordinator Jason Garrett’s play-calling yesterday — along with the Vikings rush that made QB Tony Romo look very vulnerable.

Williams was only targeted once yesterday and finished with a zero in the box score. That’s bad football from a wide receiver’s perspective and we saw bad football all the way around in Minnesota from the Cowboys.

However, just like the retirement talk we hear directly after a loss, this is no different: an upset wide receiver who is bitching because he didn’t get the ball.

Are you surprised? I’m not.

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