Film session: Cromartie's 'pick-six' vs. Bills

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After watching the Jets handle the Bills this past Sunday on the “All-22” coaches tape, I want to take a look at Antonio Cromartie’s INT vs. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Check out the wide angle from the tape and we will break down the coaching points of why the Jets’ CB was able to drive on an outside breaking concept in 2-deep coverage.

Bills vs. Jets
Personnel: Posse (3WR-1TE-1RB)
Alignment: Doubles Slot
Route Concept: Option-9 (fade)
Defensive Scheme: Cover 2 (“Gold”)


-This is a pretty standard 2-deep beater from the Bills out of 3x1 alignment. Run No.3 (TE) up the inside vertical seam to occupy the Mike Backer and work the Option-9 combo to the closed side of the formation. The No.1 WR (Z) will take a hard outside release on the 9 route (force the CB to widen) with No.2 (W) on the quick option (or flat) route to the boundary. Fitzpatrick will read the drop of the CB and throw the 9 or the flat.

- I’m calling this 2-deep, but we could be looking at a “Gold” technique from the Jets. In “Gold,” the CB plays with a “soft squat” (no jam, sink at the snap) and will read No.2 to No.1. If No.1 goes vertical, he drops the route to the safety (who will widen off the numbers landmark) and jumps the flat. Think of a “trap” coverage here to steal one from the QB vs. any outside breaking concept from the No.2 receiver.

- Poor read from Fitzpatrick. He has to see that Cromartie is not carrying No.1 down the field. The Bills’ QB could try to fit the ball up the sideline to the 9 route or come back to the RB on the swing concept to the open (weak) side of the formation. However, this ball can’t be thrown to the flat because of the CB’s technique. That’s too easy for Cromartie and it leads to free points for the Jets.

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