Game notes: Vikings-Jets

Let’s check out some game notes from the Jets’ 29-20 win over the Vikings on Monday night…

Brett FavreICONFavre tossed 3 TDs, but the INT sends the Vikings home at 1-3.

Favre's night: Did make some great throws in the second half. The 9 (fade) route to Ranyd Moss for the TD. The deep crosser and the 7 (flag) route to Harvin that both went for TDs. But, we know the INT in the 2-minute drill is the killer. Tries to hit Visanthe Shiancoe underneath in the Flat-7 out of the stack look with the Jets’ playing combination man (in and out call). Dwight Lowery takes it back for a TD. At that point, the great throws (even the 500th TD pass) take a backseat on a very inconsistent night for the Vikings' QB. 14-34 for 264-yards, 3 TDs and the INT.

Tomlinson: The first cut—with vision. That’s what stands out from my perspective when we talk about L.T. One-cut, hit the open (or weak side) and get to the second level of the defense—with speed. There is a reason he is seeing the majority of the carries for New York. 20 carries for 94-yards to go along with Shonn Greene’s 57 yards and a TD.

Moss’ impact: The Vikings made him a big part of their game plan—and the 9 (fade) route was the number one play. We did see the option route and the deep dig (square in), but it is obvious that the Brad Childress and Brett Favre want Moss down the field—especially against any type of press-man look at the line of scrimmage. Easy to check to the fade vs. pressure teams and very easy to install for a player that shows up in October in a new offense. Moss is going to be big in this scheme once he gets in the playbook.

The Vikings’ defense: This is what you get from a Tampa 2 defense that tackles well once the offense gets past the plus-30 yard line. They will give up some numbers on the ground, but the Vikings can rush four and drop seven—taking away the intermediate to deep passing game in the red zone. Cover 2 in the red zone (Red 2) turns into a 5-deep, 2-under defense with a wall formed on the goal line. Force a throw underneath, make a tackle and the offense has to settle for field goals. Simple, basic theory behind the scheme.

Antonio Cromartie ICONCromartie matched up with Moss.

Cromartie on Moss: Was expecting to see another matchup between Darrelle Revis and the new Vikings’ WR, but Rex Ryan went with Cromartie on Moss. Here’s what you get with Cromartie: excellent speed down the field and average technique. But, what he does have is the ability to play press-bail at the line of scrimmage (press technique with no jam), turn his hips and get back in-phase with the WR. Cromartie played well— and only gave up the 9 (fade) route to Moss for a TD in the 3rd quarter.

Jets’ pressure: I like that the Jets don’t go into a shell in passing situations. They pressure in the red zone, in 3rd and long situations and in their 2-minute defense. Take risks and play man coverage in the secondary. Ball has to come out quick and when the QB can’t step into his throws, it is tough to make plays from an offensive perspective.

Santonio Holmes: A solid option at WR on third downs. Had a drop, but we are talking about a WR that can run the slant, the dig, the comeback, etc. Tough routes that move the sticks and becoming invaluable to QBs.

Extra points…

- We talk about the slant route a lot. Seems like a simple play, but against a CB playing with outside leverage and a single-high safety in the middle of the field, it can be a very productive play. We don’t value it enough.

- The 1-3 Vikings host the 1-3 Cowboys on Sunday. Did anyone predict that?

- The rain/ lightning delay. Experienced one as a player. Players are used to routines, and when that routine is broken, there is a sense of discomfort at the start of the game. Vikings looked like that in the first series.

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