Haynesworth talk shows that Shanny is in control

Does anyone else get the feeling that Mike Shanahan is running the Redskins right now?

The moves to bring in Willie Parker and Larry Johnson to force Clinton Portis to earn carries next season. The Donovan McNabb trade that will show Jason Campbell the door. And what seems to be on everyone’s mind right now, the talk that Albert Haynesworth is for sale.

This isn’t a knock on owner Daniel Snyder. Instead, it should be a sign of relief to Redskins fans all along the mid-Atlantic region.

We don’t know if the ‘Skins will move Haynesworth. His contract is enormous, and today Andrew Brandt tossed out the idea of including RB Clinton Portis to soften the blow to the Redskins. But that isn’t stopping Shanahan, according to reports, from trying to move the defensive tackle.

Haynesworth is someone who can be absolutely dominating at times -- the type of player who causes offensive coordinators to watch extra tape, adjust blocking schemes and alter the drop of their quarterback in passing situations.

However, there’s another side to Haynesworth that has been prominent in the media this offseason. The decision not to work out at Redskins Park — which goes against the head coach’s wishes -- and the lack of desire, or willingness, to move to the nose guard position in the 3-4 scheme under new defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

Sure, it’s only April, and these types of stories give us something to discuss at happy hour, but the mere idea that Shanahan is willing to move a guy who the team just paid — and paid big — does speak volumes about what’s going to be expected at Redskins Park next season.

Coaching changes are tough on players at this level. It’s something I’ve commented on before, and it’s also something that can turn almost nasty in the locker room when it comes to the roster. Coaches move players from the old regime out of town so quickly that the locker room looks completely different within two seasons.

Big money or not, the players’ asses are on the line — every day.

But this is good for Shanahan, Snyder, Bruce Allen and the core of that Redskins football team that will actually be around next season. Training camp will act as another way to gracefully weed out the locker room because this team is all about change right now.

And I do believe it’s good change. Not the type we’re used to seeing with the Jeff Georges and the Bruce Smiths. It isn’t going to be a collection of overpaid players who are thrown together by the owner.

Instead, the ‘Skins will let Shanahan run this team — and bring in football players for the right reasons. And that’s to create competition and start winning again.

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