How do you 'bait' the QB in the sprint game?

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I previously broke down Tramon Williams playing the 9 (or fade) route vs. the Eagles. A good look at CB technique vs. deep ball in an off-man position. Today, I want to check out the Packers CB vs. the sprint game (out route) to give you an understanding of how to “bait” the QB into making a throw you can jump from the secondary.

Let’s watch the replay (complete with play-by-play from one of my favorites in Wayne Larrivee) and then get into some coaching points.

Packers vs. Falcons
Personnel: “Joker” (3 WR-2 TE)
Formation: Empty Stack
Route scheme: Out route (sprint action)

Formation recognition: This is essentially a “double-stack” out of an empty alignment (bunch look to closed side of the formation). From a defensive perspective, a “double-stack” look (to the field) with 10 seconds on the clock has to alert you to play for an outside breaking route (Flat-7, Sprint). Know what to expect as a DB based on the game situaiton and what you see at the line of scrimmage.

Sprint action: In a standard sprint look (think 3rd and short, red zone with an offset back), you should alert the Curl-Flat. Here, the Falcons create the sprint look to the open side of the formation by sealing the edge with TE Tony Gonzalez and working the No.1 WR (X) on the out cut.

Setting the bait: Williams knows the route before the WR even breaks to the out. Read sprint action and essentially “slow-play” (or “bait”) the QB. Williams plays to the up-field shoulder of the WR, but he is anticipating the out route and puts himself in a position to drive on the throw. A veteran move.

Attacking the ball: Does Williams have to be alert for a double-move here? Sure, but with safety help over the top the Green Bay CB can go ahead and jump this route. Let the QB believe that he can make this throw, undercut the WR and then go get it. After that, turn into a RB and show off those open field skills on the way to six points.

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