Inside the playbook: Tebow and the 'Wildcat'

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There has been plenty of talk of Tim Tebow playing ion a “Wildcat” role in the Jets offensive system this season. New York can create personnel packages that are designed to cater to his skill set at the QB position. I’m thinking situational football here as it applies to the red zone game plan. Not much different than the schemes used in Denver to utilize Tebow’s abilities.

Here is an example of the “QB Power.” Check out the replay and then we will get into some coaching points to break down the base “Power O” blocking scheme (Click here to see the "Power O" on video).

- As I said above, bring a creative personnel grouping onto the field. This is a package similar to “Jumbo” personnel (1 WR, 3 TE, 1 RB) with an extra OT inserted into the game replacing the WR. Balanced formation with the RB “shifting” to an offset position.

- I talked about the “Power O” blocking scheme above. The No.1 off-tackle scheme in the NFL. Double down to the play side, lead with the FB and pull the backside OG up through the hole to block the first opposite color jersey. That is exactly what we are looking at.

- The next step is to build off of this look. Install the boot (or swap boot), bring two RBs on the field to use the short, divide motion to create the triple-option or run the basic Flat-7 combo on the goal line.

- Remember, the “Wildcat” is a loose term in the NFL (and can be run from a variety of formations and alignments). With Tebow, the Jets have multiple opportunities to expand (and create) a package that will force opposing defensive coordinators adjust to their game plan.

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