Is it time for Denver to move Brandon Marshall?

<p>Isn’t it time for the Brandon Marshall talk to start up again?

We can talk all we want about the Broncos keeping Marshall around for another season in Denver, but it is about time for head coach Josh McDaniels to spilt from Marshall.

For the most part, these situations in the NFL can be reconciled when it comes to personnel — if there is production there — but does McDaniels and the Broncos front office want to go through another messy season with Marshall? More suspensions? More locker room talk? That leads to an unstable environment on the field between player and coach.

Bottom line, can McDaniels look past the distractions—again—because of the talent? Or do we see a situation like we just witnessed in Pittsburgh, with Mike Tomlin dealing Santonio Holmes?

The Broncos want a first-round pick in exchange for Marshall, and if you watch this guy on tape, he is more than deserving of a first-round grade. He’s still a top-five WR when you see what he can do in any one-on-one matchup outside of the numbers, in the open field and when he goes up to get the football. He possesses a physical skill set that is similar to Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals.

A true No.1 on the outside.

And, if you are a GM who is in need of talent — first-round talent — at wide receiver, is there a player in the draft who can have the type of impact that Marshall will on Sundays this fall? Dez Bryant? Arrelious Benn? First-round talent with the projection — or hope — that they can run routes at the NFL level and make plays as a rookie. Great prospects for sure, but we just don’t know what to expect from first year wide outs.

Is it possible that McDaniels and Denver will take something lower than a first- round pick to just get rid of the Pro Bowl talent to avoid more issues, distractions and problems throughout another season?

As the NFP's Michael Lombardi wrote last month, it will be tough for Denver to give away Marshall without top value in return.

According to reports, Seattle is still interested. The Broncos receiver has already visited with Pete Carroll and Seattle in early March, and the idea of having him aligned outside the numbers for the Seahawks is intriguing. But, what will it cost Carroll? Seattle owns two first round picks (No.6 and No.14), and those are valuable for a team that needs upgrades across the entire roster.

This is where we will see Marshall’s true value, or the cost for McDaniels to part ways with his receiver.

It is a classic case of risk vs. reward for Carroll and Seattle. Finding the right offer to get him out of Denver and then hoping his play on Sunday outweighs the baggage that comes with him. He immediately upgrades the Seattle offense in a division that is open for any team to take. A top tier player.

But, to win in this league, there is some risk that has to be put into the equation. And, we get to find out just how much Carroll is willing to bet in his first season with the Seahawks.

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