Is Philly just a quick stop for Vick?

Who wants Michael Vick? It looks like we’re going to head down that road again come next offseason.

Former Colts head coach Tony Dungy got the ball rolling on more Vick rumors Sunday night during the SNF broadcast on NBC when he called the Buffalo Bills a “a dark horse” to go after the Eagles backup QB after the season. So once again, it’s time for us to find a spot for Vick.

It’s obvious watching the Eagles that Vick is nothing more than a sideshow talent, off the main stage. The Philly crowd generates a buzz when No. 7 trots onto the field and lines up in the shotgun, and we all collectively wait to see what Eagles head coach Andy Reid has created for his gadget player.

But a handoff, the buzz dies, and Vick is back on the sideline. Kind of what we’ve seen all season after he created monumental headlines by signing with a contender last summer. The story was bigger than Brett Favre, and now it’s been reduced to a smattering of plays here and there. On the season, Vick has thrown six passes and completed two of them for a whopping six yards. Yes, he’s also run the ball out of the shotgun 12 times for a paltry 27 yards.

We almost have to wonder if this was a charity signing by Reid just to get him back in the game, because wouldn’t we all like to see what Vick could do in St. Louis or San Fran or Seattle or, like Dungy said, Buffalo?

The move does warrant some attention because Dick Jauron could be out as Buffalo’s top man once this season comes to a close. The Terrell Owens project — which has turned out to be a bust — will move on, and a new coaching staff will arrive. Trent Edwards? Average, at best. He hasn’t shown enough to keep his job with a new staff, and Vick, well, he’s just wasting time and the Eagles’ money this season.

I can’t see any reason Philly and Reid would want to pay money to keep Vick around next season because it’s obvious they just don’t need him right now. And we’ll never really know where he is as a player because the reps aren’t there, nor is the dedication from Reid to get him involved in some way in the offense.

And Vick knows it, saying today that returning to Philly next year would be “an everyday struggle,” and that he wants to be more than just a “wildcat guy.”

But isn’t that just it? Did Vick really think he would be handed the keys to the offense after two years away from the game? Maybe he did, but maybe we all should have known better too. He wants to be a quarterback, but until someone gives him a real chance to play that position, we can speculate — because no one really knows what he can do.

Hey, I also bought into the fact that Reid would find a way to put this guy in position to make plays, but I was fooled — fooled by the media drama that surrounded the move.

The real story here is that Vick isn’t needed in Philly, and most likely, never was.

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