Is Terrell Owens already back?

Is Terrell Owens actually ready to play NFL football again after tearing his ACL this offseason? Because if the WR is back on the field anytime soon, I will be surprised. But I will also respect the hell out of his work ethic.

I had the same injury during my career. Coming back to that same explosive style needed to play and produce at the NFL level isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is a grind to get back on the field.

Today (via Mike Florio over at Pro Football Talk), Owens posted a quick video on his Twitter account. Get through the speed ladder and burst through the drill (something every skill player does in the offseason).

Check it out below…

Looks solid, right? Of course and that is something to talk about with an ACL rehab. Owens is back on the field and working through drills. But I still have some questions of my own as they apply to actual in-game situations with the knee.

- Drill work is a step in the process, but does it transfer to route running, working against a DB and coming back to the football?

- Getting in and out of cuts. That is the major issue I had when coming back. There is some trust that has to be developed with the knee. You aren’t as explosive the first time back on the field.

- Can Owens get that burst off of the line of scrimmage and maintain top-level speed down the field?

- The daily maintenance. Part of rehab, yes, but it takes a drastic step forward in the regular season. You will experience pain, stiffness and lack of flexibility during games. Have to work though that.

If T.O. can truly be ready early in the 2011 season, there is no reason not to give this guy a look. He is a productive player and has the conditioning level to continue to play in the NFL. However let’s see how this plays out first.

As Florio pointed out, signing Owens before Week 1 would guarantee his entire salary. Tough to do that with an older veteran coming off of an ACL—and too much of a risk for me. But if I have a need anytime after Week 1, I bring T.O. in for a workout and see where he is physically. And there might be something there to add to my roster. A one-year rental to improve the passing game in my offense.

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