Is this Favre’s best team yet?

Man, Brett Favre can still stir the pot—especially after another Vikings win.

As our own Brad Biggs reported this morning, Favre was feeling good after the Vikes went to 5-0 after pushing the winless Rams all over the field in St. Louis. The QB felt good enough to proclaim, “I think physically and from a talent level, this is the best team I’ve ever been on.”

Come on, Brett. Really?

We all know the Vikings are good, but with two games left against the Bears and one more against the Pack, this division is far from over. Don’t buy those NFC North Champs t-shirts yet.

But, I understand where he is coming from as a former player—you get that high after a win, the locker room is a great place to be and you honestly do feel unbeatable when you get off to a fast start. You board that plane ride home feeling like the best team in the league, and that postgame beer tastes better.

When I was a rookie, I was on a St. Louis team that started off 6-0, and we even talked about running the table—Super Bowl included. It was a lock in our minds. But, we finished 10-6 and went home early after a Wild Card loss to the Saints.

The point is that a lot can change in a month of the NFL. I can’t go as far as to predict some kind of collapse from the Vikes or from Favre—because they are “that good” right now—but don’t buy the hype just yet. Don’t get drunk on that Vikings Kool-Aid without taking a taste of what the rest of the league has to offer.

In saying that, however, is this just another classic case of Brett sticking it to Green Bay? Of course, he would never come out and say that, but let’s be honest here folks. Every time he talks about the talent of Adrian Peterson or the talent of this team, he is telling us—the fans—how great it is in Minneapolis and how great it is to be wearing a purple jersey—and not a green one.

That’s how a lot of you will see it. Yet, even taking all of that into account, it might just be time to move on from that because Favre is a Viking, he will retire as a Viking, and if he honestly feels that the 2009 Vikings are better than the Super Bowl-champion team he played on for the Packers—or the 13-3 team in ’07—well, then maybe we should believe him, right?

He couldn’t be doing this just to spite the fans of Green Bay; the one’s who wore his jerseys every Sunday, right?

I don’t know, and you shouldn’t care, because for all that he did for Green Bay he has moved on—as should we.

For now, I’m not buying his “best team” talk—yet. The guy is playing lights-out football right now, but I want to see that in November and December before I believe what he is saying.

Talk to me in February, Brett.

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