Jets make the right move with Braylon

In reality, Braylon Edwards is no different than Terrell Owens, Brandon Marshall, Roy Williams, etc. when the ball doesn’t come his way.

He bitches.

Surprising? It shouldn’t be and because of that we shouldn’t read too much into his slamming of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s game plan after the Jets’ 30-17 loss to the Colts on Sunday that ended their playoff run.

Edwards caught two passes for 100 yards — the big one coming in the first half when he ran a nice double move vs. man coverage and went for an 80-yard score.

Today, reports out of New York state that the Jets will place the high tender on Edwards, which forces teams to give up a first and a third-round pick to get the receiver. He looks to be back in New York next season and I happen to think that is a good thing for Rex Ryan’s team.

The Jets won’t suddenly morph into a wide-open offense in the 2010 season. Yes, Mark Sanchez will most likely take that next step that occurs with any NFL rookie as he develops going into his second season. The game starts to separate itself from the adversity that hinders rookies. Sanchez will know the drill, know what to expect from training camp and, more importantly, what to expect from AFC East opponents with an entire offseason to study film.

But, Edwards’ role won’t change. In the Jets offense he will still be the guy who is used when New York goes down the field in the play-action game and, like most teams who use the power running game as the lead call on their game plan sheet, he will be the wide receiver who you take a shot with.

Preferably once per half when the Jets cross the 50-yard line — if he can catch the football.

That is why the Jets want to keep him around for the 2010 season. He can still be a threat down the field and he does have the deep ball ability to change the flow of a game. But by tendering him for next season, the Jets also don’t have to fork over big wide receiver money for him.

It is a good move from the Jets perspective.

They get the deep ball threat they need for 2010 and beyond that, well, who knows at this point. They have him for next season, will receive a huge prize because of the tender for any team who wants to come get him, and if they do get a trade offer they can’t refuse, then they move on.

But, this team does have the ability to compete with the Patriots for the AFC East next year, and really, to win it.

Keeping Edwards will help in that regard — no matter how much he bitches.

Because, that is what receivers are supposed to do.

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