More red flags for Dez Bryant?

Dez Bryant—who already has question marks attached after his suspension during the 2009 season at Oklahoma State—is now coming under fire after a report from Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports.

According to Cole, who sites league sources, Bryant was “consistently irresponsible” during his tenure at Okie State, displaying instances when the star WR was late for warm-ups—and even games.

One source told Cole that Bryant would have to be monitored during his time in the league, saying, “I wouldn’t draft that kid unless I had someone to wake him up in the morning to get to meetings, someone to wake him up for practice and someone to wake him up for games.”

Strong words, right?

I would say so, but it is hard not to be enamored with Bryant’s size and his skill as a prospect. Seeing him over the weekend in Indianapolis, he is every bit of 6-2, and he looks the part of an NFL wide receiver from a physical standpoint.

But, looking at the suspension, and the question marks—that will start to grow more legs after the Cole report—does Bryant start to slip? He couldn’t work out in Indy due to a hamstring strain, and will push his pro day back in Stillwater to compensate for the injury.

And, it happens at this time of the year every off-season. High profile prospects start to fall down draft boards as the information begins to slip out from league sources, voices back on campus and within the media.

However, Bryant still might be too good of a prospect to pass up. He is without a doubt the No. 1 WR prospect in the draft, and there is always an owner, a coach and a franchise who is willing to take that type of risk when the overall talent makes them turn a blind eye to the red flags that pop up almost every day between now and the end of April.

Add in Bryant’s pro day—which he should light up if he is fully healthy—and I don’t see how a team in need of a high first round WR will pass. Yes, there will be clubs who have dedicated meetings to talk about Bryant, and may go a different route because of his character that is now out in the open, but if I am in need of a first round talent at WR, I go ahead and pull the trigger.

The draft is still based off of talent first.

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