NFL Draft: Breaking down a Jenkins 'pick six'

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North Alabama’s Janoris Jenkins has first round talent at the CB position. I could see that back at the Senior Bowl practices in Mobile and he followed it up with a solid workout (mid 4.4 40) at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. And despite some off the field concerns, Jenkins should still be viewed as a potential first round pick.

Today, let’s check out Jenkins on video when he was at the University of Florida and breakdown one of his interceptions. A base zone blitz concept vs. the “stick” route from the spread alignment. Take look at the replay and then we will get into some coaching points.

Quick coaching points…

- Rush five and drop six. This is a basic scheme from the Gators that we will see at both the pro and college level. Three-deep, three under with the SS and Will LB playing the “seam-flat” and the open (weak) side DE dropping to the “middle hook.”

- Miami of Ohio is running the “stick” concept: four short curls (or hitches) that act as “hot reads” vs. pressure. The QB reads pressure to the closed (strong) side of the formation and immediately looks up the outside “stick” vs. Jenkins.

- Is Jenkins sitting on this route? No question—and I like it. There is no need to backpedal out. If you know pressure is coming (and you trust your ability to open and run), then go ahead and play through the 3-step game (slant, hitch). Too often we see DBs at the college level backpedal and give up the slant or hitch routinely because they don’t trust their skill set. If your cushion (distance between DB and WR) isn’t threatened by the initial release, then don’t give ground.

- Jenkins is using what I call a “taxi” technique (short shuffle off his initial alignment). While I would like to see him stay square (easier to play the fade or outside breaking concept), check out his eyes. This is why he makes the play. Read through the release on the WR, plant and get your eyes back to the QB once you identify the route concept. Good football right here.

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