NFL Draft: Breaking down Brandon Weeden vs. 2-Man

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Today, let’s take a quick look at QB Brandon Weeden throwing the inside vertical seam vs. 2-Man (two-deep, man-under). A coverage I would carry in my own game plan. Sit your DBs to the inside in a "trail-man" technique (low, on the inside hip), take away inside breaking routes and limit the vertical game with safety help in a two-deep shell over the top. However, there are multiple route concepts to exploit the middle of the field vs. 2-Man.

OSU vs. Texas
Personnel: Jet (4 WR, 1 RB)
Scheme: 4 Verticals
Coverage: 2-Man

- Check out the field position. Ball near the 40-yard line should be an automatic alert for the secondary. An ideal spot for the offense to take a shot to the end zone. You have to know this as a CB or safety when you break the huddle—especially with 4 WR personnel on the field.

- 4 Verticals. You will see this route show up on Sundays vs. Cover 2 defenses. Put the stress on the deep half safeties to play two vertical concepts and attack the Mike backer in the middle of the field. In 2-Man? Very similar. Weeden is looking to get the ball inside of the numbers.

- I want you to look at the route stems of the No.1 WRs (X, Z). They align on the bottom of the numbers, however they take a vertical stem outside of the numbers for one reason: to widen the safeties off their landmarks. Even in a trail-man technique, both CBs from Texas need to jam and re-route the No.1 WRs to allow the safeties to stay square and play both verticals.

- With both safeties now widening to play over the top of the X and Z receivers on the 9 routes, the inside vertical seam turns into a one-on-one matchup. And ball placement is key. Weeden puts this pass on the up-field shoulder of the WR—away from the defender’s leverage. This is an NFL throw.</p>

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