NFL Draft: one final look at Trent Richardson

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Trent Richardson is a Top 10 talent. We all know that by this point of the draft process. And come Thursday night, we could see the Alabama RB go as high as No.4 when the Browns are on the clock.

Today, I wanted to take one final look at Richardson. The open (weak) side zone vs. Auburn from this past season. A run that shows you why so many pro scouts and draft experts have the RB graded out as one of the top overall prospects.

- Like I said above, we are looking at the open side zone into the boundary (sideline), A scheme Richardson will see in the NFL out of one-back looks (think 2 TE personnel) along with the off-tackle runs out of two-back sets (Power O, Lead, Counter OF).

- Why does the zone scheme cater to Richardson’s skill set? Vision, speed and cut back ability. You want to give the RB options in the zone scheme. Press the edge of the defense, get upfield or cut back vs. LBs that over-pursue to the football.

- No hesitation from Richardson. The great backs I saw during my career (Marshall Faulk, Eddie George, Jerome Bettis, etc.), picked a running lane, squared their pads and exploded through the hole to attack second level of the defense.

- The upper and lower body power at the point of attack. I love the ability from Richardson to run through tackles because this is exactly what he will have to do at the pro level. Get to that second level of the defense, make people miss and break tackles.

- Bottom line here: this is an example of Richardson making a play. When you run the ball to the short side of the field in the college game, there isn’t a ton of room to work. There are defenders from Auburn that have an angle on Richardson and are in a position to wrap and make the tackle. Great run, great finish from the Alabama product.

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