One more Pro Bowl vote for Redskins’ Fletcher

I like when coaches lobby for their players at this time of the year when it comes to marking ballots for the Pro Bowl.

Yes, in one way we can take this as a biased opinion. But we also have to remember that these are the same coaches who not only watch the film of their own players, but also of the rest of the league on a weekly basis.

And, because of the comments made by Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Blache to the Washington Post on why MLB London Fletcher should be in the Pro Bowl this season, I believe him.

Blache, who rarely talks to the media during the season, told the Washington Post, “The thing that hurts London is that he doesn't act like an idiot every time he makes a tackle. He doesn't bring that attention to himself. He's a football player, not a showman. He takes great pride in his football, and he has great respect for the game. He acts the way a professional is supposed to act, and consequently, it's cost him."

I played two seasons in Washington with Blache when he was the defensive line coach on Gregg Williams’ staff under head coach Joe Gibbs. And, to say that Blache doesn’t throw bouquets often when it comes to players would be an understatement. Like Williams, Blache expects—and demands—that his players work within the system and are technically and fundamentally sound players. He doesn’t take crap, and he holds his players accountable for their actions on the football field.

Just as a football coach at this level should.

And Fletch, well, he plays the game the right way. Now, I know how much of a clich

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