Playbook: Breaking down Goldson's INT vs. Brees

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This past Friday, I broke down the Saints “999” route vs. the 49ers’ 2-Man scheme from the Divisional Playoffs. Drew Brees to TE Jimmy Graham for a 66-yard TD.

Today, let’s look at the same route (from earlier in that same playoff game) vs. a 49ers’ Fire Zone (or zone blitz). A good opportunity to talk FS technique in the middle of the field. Check out the replay and then we will get into some coaching points.

- Same alignment and route concept from the Saints. Empty formation on the field, run the “999” scheme (with RB Darren Sproles on the underneath option route) and target the inside seam.

- The Niners are sending five here. Show a Cover 2 shell in the secondary, roll to a blitz alignment and bring Nickel pressure off the edge. Rush five, drop six in to coverage.

- Focus on Dashon Goldson’s technique—because this is what you want to coach at the FS position. The 49ers safety is patent is his drop (young safeties will panic and play with too much depth), slides to the middle of the field and gets his eyes back to the QB. This allows him to drive on the throw at an angle that puts him in a position to step in front of the seam route. Make the play, turn into a RB, get to the numbers and advance the football.

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