Sunday post game notes: early kickoffs

Let’s check out some notes from the early kickoffs around the league on this Week 7 NFL Sunday…

DeAngelo Hall: Four second half interceptions by the Redskins’ CB—four. Plus, a 92-yard TD return off of a one-handed pick. Did it playing inside blitz man coverage, breaking on the slant, etc. At times, almost looked like he was baiting Bears’ QB Jay Cutler. That is a career game for a cornerback and a day to forget for—again—for Cutler and this Chicago offense.

Drew BreesICONBrees threw 4 INTs in the Saints' loss to the Browns in New Orleans.

Brees’ INTs: Let’s not try to sidestep the issues Drew Brees is having in New Orleans. For starters, you aren’t going to win many games on Sundays when you throw the ball 56 times, but the 4 picks (one which came off of a panic move by Brees in the pocket) are a major concern. The Saints QB now has 10 INTs on the season. That is a bad loss at home to Cleveland.

The Roethlisberger fumble: Great play call by the Steelers against the Dolphins on the QB draw—but bad execution by Big Ben coughing it up on the goal line in a crucial moment of the game. The issue? Replay rules said they could not determine who recovered the fumble in the end zone. One of the biggest breaks you will see in the final minutes of an NFL game. I wouldn’t call it a “gift,” but it was pretty close. Allows Pittsburgh to come back on the field and kick the winning field goal.

More Bears-‘Skins: Has to be one of the sloppiest played games I have seen in a while when we talk about NFL offenses. As bad as Cutler was for Chicago, Redskins’ QB Donovan McNabb never looked comfortable in the pocket and RB Ryan Torain had no issues putting the ball on the ground. 9 total turnovers between these two teams.

Freeman’s TD: Get the young QB out of the pocket in the final seconds of the game on sprint action. What this does is allow receivers to come across the field, run away from leverage and give the QB an easy target in the end zone. Great call to get Freeman out on the move and another big play in the fourth quarter from the young QB this season.

Kansas City: That is the way to close out a ball game and what we should expect to see from a club that can win the AFC West. 21-unasnswered points and a ground game that produces 236-yards and 3 TDs.

Haynesworth: Looked like the player who deserves a big check every Tuesday. What stood out was his quick first step at the line of scrimmage and his power rushing the passer. And, played with great technique at the point of attack. Caused a fumble at the goal line and will grade out high when the ‘Skins watch the tape.

Ray LewisICONLewis and the Ravens survived in OT against the Bills.

Ravens’ OT win: Plenty of corrections for this Baltimore defense to make off of the tape tomorrow morning. Couldn’t get off of the field on third downs, gave up 27 first downs and over 500-yards of total offense to a winless Buffalo team. But, made the play in OT to get the ball back for the offense on the strip by Ray Lewis. Not good enough for their standard of defense in Baltimore, but you take any win you can get in this league.

Kenny Britt: 7 receptions for 225-yards and a 3 TDs. It is obvious the Titans want to get him the ball down the field outside of the numbers and he is also a big target to throw to once Tennessee is in the red zone. Can run the skinny post, the pin route (dig-curl combo) and beat press-man coverage.

Niners drop to 1-6: Time to shut down this 49ers team for 2010. We should give credit to Matt Moore and the Panthers for getting that first win of the season, but we are looking at a club in San Fran that racks up 11 more penalties and fails to close out a team with the lead in the fourth quarter—again.

Bengals' defense: What is the story with Mike Zimmer's defense in Cincy? Gave up 153-yards on the ground to Atlanta and and 299-yards to QB Matt Ryan. This defense was the reason the Bengals were able to run through the AFC North in 2009. Looks like a different unit.

Mike Wallace: Watching him in the vertical passing game of the Steelers offense, it is obvious that he can create that extra separation while the ball is in the air. Tough for any corner playing outside leverage who is trying to get back to the hip of the WR and make a play on the ball. Great thing to have in the playbook on the 9 (fade) and 8 (post).

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