Time to put Rodgers in the elite QB class

Can’t we call Aaron Rodgers an elite QB in the NFL after he threw four TD passes and more than 400 yards in a postseason game?

I read the comments left here at the NFP, and there have been mixed feelings about Rodgers as the Packers QB when it comes to comparing him — under a microscope — to Brett Favre. But it’s time to call it like it is.

Rodgers does belong in that mix of elite NFL quarterbacks — right outside the “big three” of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

Am I being too easy on Packer Nation after the playoff loss, or am I seeing the same thing that you guys are? The plays Rodgers made Sunday on the playoff stage need to be talked about. Forget Favre for a moment and drop the comparisons, because they play for two different teams. And to come up with an argument about what Favre would have done shouldn’t enter into the discussion.

Because Rodgers was on the field, and he did make enough plays for the Packers to win. Yes, I know he missed some as well, and I saw the interception he forced on the curl route to open the game and the overthrow on the double move by Greg Jennings that would have won in overtime.

I understand that we dissect his game every time he drops back to pass, but to expect a quarterback to play perfect football is somewhat ludicrous. Think about it. Rodgers threw 30 TD passes during the regular season with only seven interceptions. And he did it behind one of the worst offensive lines in the history of Green Bay Packers football. We know that’s the truth.

However, the two losses to Favre’s Vikings and Sunday’s playoff loss will still lead our discussions, casting a shadow over Rogers’ numbers and the way he brought his team back from a 17-0 hole on the road at Arizona.

You want to point fingers for the Packers’ loss? Well, then point to a secondary that looked confused and outmatched against one of the league’s best passing offenses. But don’t throw Rodgers under the bus because of two throws that you thought he should have made, or a fumble that can be put on the offensive line as well as Rodgers.

Would Brett have made those throws? Who knows, and that’s nothing against Favre, who I still think should have come second to Manning in the NFL’s MVP voting. Brett is the best football player I have ever seen outside of Marshall Faulk. I know he was great this season, without a doubt, but we have to stop judging Rodgers based on Favre’s numbers.

I like watching both of them play football, and yes, they are both elite QBs, but it’s time to start giving Rodgers some love when it matters.

The guy can play football.

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