Urlacher should take Sapp's advice

Does anyone else agree with Warren Sapp’s comments from this morning when he appeared on the Mully and Hanley show (which is a personal favorite of mine here in Chicago) on WSCR-670?

Sapp, as heard this morning, uttered as bluntly as possible the words many Bears fans were thinking to themselves when it comes to Brian Urlacher: “Shut up.”

Those comments were similar to the many comments I have been hearing from Bears fans throughout this week. No one wants to hear from Urlacher, no one wants to hear what his feelings are on Jay Cutler vs. Kyle Orton and no one wants to hear that the feature running back of this organization can’t make anyone miss in the open field.

I understand that Urlacher is upset that he is being followed around by a reporter here in Chicago while his teammates are up in Minneapolis playing poorly, and I also understand what it is like to be put on in injured reserve—especially early in the season.

It, well, it sucks to be honest. You go from being a part of the game plan to becoming a ghost—as transparent as you can get. Coaches talk to you differently in the building, the general manager looks at you in a different way, and even the secretaries at the front desk aren’t as friendly.

Why? Because you don’t matter anymore. Whether you are Brian Urlacher—a jersey-seller in this town—or a guy like I was, who was just a guy on the team, you still mean nothing to that club.

Just stay out of the way, get your rehab and try to smile when you are receiving blank stares in the hallways. I get that he is passionate about being injured, and most likely frustrated, but he has dug a nice little hole for himself in this city.

Don’t become critical of the guys who are actually playing on Sundays. If anything, just let it go. Yes, I am sure that Urlacher most likely believes that he could make an impact, and that he could have made some key stops in the Vikings game.

However, you know what? It’s too bad—because he isn’t making plays right now.

Don’t throw your teammates under the bus and, for sure, don’t throw the new quarterback under the bus by comparing him to Orton. This franchise has already come under enough scrutiny for the Cutler trade by what has transpired on Sundays. The last thing they need is for the guy who is supposedly a leader on this team to make it worse.

We have to understand that Urlacher is, or in reality was, an icon when it came to sports figures in Chicago. Go to any Bears game and you would have seen hundreds of his jerseys being worn by guys eating hot dogs and pounding beers. But, Cutler’s No. 6 has replaced those No. 54 jerseys, taking over the tailgate lots in the South Loop next to Soldier Field.

And the story that came out on Yahoo Sports hasn’t done anything to change that shift of power when it comes to the face of the franchise.

Fans don’t want to hear it, and I guarantee those players in the locker room don’t want to hear it. If you are hurt, then get out of the way. Don’t criticize the guys that are out there working, because they don’t want advice from a guy who is on the sidelines.

It’s not harsh, it is just the reality of the NFL when you are put on IR.

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