Will we see the 'Inverted Veer' in the NFL?

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This past season in the NFL, multiple teams ran the Zone Read at the QB position. A scheme I believe we will see on a much more consistent basis this year. Ride the RB through the mesh point and read the DE (OLB).

However, after checking out some clips on the “Inverted Veer” from the college game (think "Power O" blocking at the NFL level), I’m curious if this scheme will start showing up on Sundays as well at the pro level. Another way to produce at the QB position with creative play calling.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples on video….

Purdue vs. Michigan

- Michigan QB Denard Robinson is reading the closed (or strong) side DE here. With the DE staying up the field, Robinson can ride the RB through the mesh point and get vertical through the hole. As I said above, this is very similar to the "Power O" scheme with Robinson following the guard up through the hole to the second level of the defense.

LSU vs. Auburn

-Same scheme as we looked at with Michigan out of different personnel and alignment. 2-back set on the field, but the same concept: pull the closed side guard, read the open side DE (stays up the field) and let Newton go to work on the second level of the LSU defense in the open field.

In the NFL, look at Newton in Carolina, Tebow with the Jets, RGIII in Washington, etc. Unique skill sets that allow you to adapt your play calling and game planning because of what they bring to the huddle. Is the “Inverted Veer” another way of utilizing their athletic abilities? Why not if you are creating a 3-5 play package of option football.

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