49ers have one final day to campaign for Santa Clara stadium

When it comes to the future of the San Francisco 49ers, at least in Santa Clara, Calif., it’s fourth down.

The Niners are in the final day of campaigning for Measure J, a part of Tuesday’s election which would call for $114 million from Santa Clara to go toward a $937 million stadium that would open for the 2014 season if all goes as planned. Per the Sacramento Bee, most of the $114 million would be raised from a boost in hotel takes and “redevelopment funds.” The plan is to build the stadium next to a Great America amusement park and it will be about 40 miles from where the team currently plays at badly outdated Candlestick Park.

The 49ers have been lobbying hard for this new stadium with young president and CEO Jed York leading the way. The organization has sunk millions of dollars into promoting the plan, which York points out doesn’t take a dollar from the general fund and creates no new taxes for the 100,000 or so residents of Santa Clara, which is where the team’s headquarters are located. Per the report, the 49ers, surely with an assist from the NFL would have to come up with $493 million for the new stadium, and a stadium authority would pick up the remaining tab of roughly $330 million.

“We've brought it up over and over again – there is no way this stadium authority is going to stay afloat without selling PSLs," Bill Bailey, the treasurer for anti-stadium group Santa Clara Plays Fair, told the Bee.

York declined to share the team’s plans when it comes to personal seat licenses, which are not selling well right now for the New York Jets.

What is interesting now, too, is how exactly the NFL will be involved. With the labor cloud currently hanging over the game, it could be difficult for the league to make a secure commitment to the franchise right now as it has in the past for other clubs. Basically, they are loans that do not have to be repaid. Surely, the league wants to see a new stadium for the Niners, though, and commissioner Roger Goodell has been supportive. The team is reportedly on the hook for any overruns in the project. We’ll see what the voters say on Tuesday.

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