A change of scenery

  The offseason has been an interesting one for Jordan Cameron. First, he signed with the Miami Dolphins after it was reported he would stay in Cleveland. Cameron believes the Dolphins' offensive scheme is much like the one he played in during Norv Turner’s time as Browns' offensive coordinator. In 2013, Cameron played in 15 games for the Browns and had seven touchdowns. He blames the lack of production prior to 2013 to Cleveland’s revolving door at Quarterback. Cameron had 8 different starting Quarterbacks during his four seasons in Cleveland. That is a lot of turnover. His lack of production in 2014 may have been a fluke, along with missing several games due to a concussion. Cameron knows he must prove his toughness and show he can play through lesser injuries. If he is able to play sixteeen games consistently, he could be a pro bowler. If he finds himself making the same excuses next season, talking about the reasons why he didn't play sixteen games, and blaming his former team, it won't be appreciated. Coaches care about what you do. They care about how hard you work, your fitness, and doing the little things. (catching extra balls after practice, studying your playbook, etc) NFL teams don't want excuses. Ryan Tannehill, Cameron’s new QB, is a reason for optimism. Tannehill has not missed a game in three seasons. Finding a rhythm with one quarterback may lead to big production, the playoffs, and more. Ryan Tannehill has shown he loves his tight ends. The Dolphins former tight end, Charles Clay, had 63 receptions in each of the last two seasons as a Dolphin. The Dolphins signed Cameron because they believe that his size, large hands, and large catch radius will create matchup nightmares for opposing defenses. They have faith in Cameron, or he would not be in Miami. Will Cameron be able to finish a season healthy or at least be able to play through lesser injuries?  This is the unknown, as Jordan has not be able to play an entire season. Will he make his first pro-bowl? It is a bit too early to tell. But if he cannot finish a season by playing in sixteeen games; it seems unlikely. Millissa Beaton is a graduate of National Football Post's Introduction to Scouting and Scouting Boot Camp. Follow her on Twitter @SportsWizard28
Millissa Beaton
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