Adams' testimony differs from police report

The testimony that Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Mike Adams gave in court differed from what was on the police report of the stabbing incident, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Adams, who was stabbed in a June incident in Pittsburgh in an attempted robbery testified in a preliminary hearing Thursday that resulted in Senior District Judge Edward Tibbs on Thursday afternoon ordering hat Jerrell Whitlock, 26, Dquay Means, 26, and Michael Paranay, 25, stand trial for attempted homicide, conspiracy to steal a vehicle and other charges in the stabbing.

Adams suffered a lacerated colon in the incident and required surgery.

In the police report, Adams said Paranay sucker-punched him in the face, that Means raised a gun to his face and demanded his truck, and Mr. Whitlock stabbed him in the abdomen.

At Thursday's hearing, Adams said that some parts of the police report were inaccurate. He testified that he spent about three hours at Local Bar & Kitchen and then walked to a nearby sandwich shop to ge something to eat.

Adams testified that he did not have the keys to his truck but got in using keypad on the driver's side. He said he sat in the truck, ate his sandwich and was confronted by the three men shortly after he got out.

Adams testified that Paranay jumped up and down on a step on the side of the truck and that Whitlock said, "Let me kill him."

Adams went on to say tha Means pulled a gun partially ou of his pocket but raised it no higher than his hip. He then said Whitlock stabbed him, though he did not immediately realize it.

The suspects then ran away, according to Adams' testimony.

Defense attorneys claim that Adams was the instigator in the matter.

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