Al Harris: The road to recovery Part III

Week 3 of Al Harris’ rehab from an injured left knee continues to be tedious but tough. With his trainer gone on family business, the Packers cornerback works with a new trainer, who puts him through the usual grind of stretches and exercises at Atlantic Rehabilitation Center in Miami.

Harris, who’s recording videos exclusively for readers of the National Football Post as he attempts to recover from surgery, says he intends to return to football to finish up the two years remaining on his contract. He has also said he plans to play three or four more seasons.

“I’m a man of my word,” Harris says. “I live by principles. I know I’ve got to fulfill that part of the deal. Can’t leave money on the table.”

But as you watch the third installment of Harris’ video diary, you’ll see that it’s much more than just the money. Harris is driven by the competition and the challenge to come back from a devastating injury that would have ended the careers of most other players.

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