Albert Haynesworth is 'tired of this B.S.'

If failing his conditioning test on Thursday didn’t go over so well with Albert Hanyesworth, we’re very interested to learn what state of mind he will be in later on after spending another day on the treadmill.

The Washington Redskins defensive tackle failed his conditioning test again today, meaning that he’ll be working to get in better shape instead of practicing with his teammates, the ones he didn’t see during the offseason.

“I'm tired of this B.S.,” Haynesworth told NBC-4 on Thursday, according to the Twitter account of sports anchor Dan Hellie. “I just want to get out on field and play football.”

Now, it could be pointed out that if Haynesworth was really interested in playing football, and if he was truly tired of all the B.S., he would have at least shown up for the club’s mandatory minicamp in June. The majority of the B.S. – and there is a landfill-sized pile of it – was created by Haynesworth himself.

A photo of Haynesworth from training camp seemed to show he was in pretty good shape, certainly lighter than he was a year ago. When he will be in good enough shape for coach Mike Shanahan, we’ll see. He’ll probably have to wait until Shanahan is done getting his point across – that he was tired of the B.S. a long time ago. Rick Maese of the Washington Post reports that Haynesworth will take a crack at the conditioning test for a third time Saturday morning. Will it be the charm?

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