At last, construction on Metrodome roof begins

The hope is there will be NFL games being played starting the second weekend in September.

Another hope is that the Metrodome will be ready for the Minnesota Vikings to host home games there starting with preseason action in August. Long-awaited construction on the destroyed roof began today, according to the Associated Press.

Birdair, the company that installed the roof when the stadium was opened in 1982, will be paid $18 million to complete the job. The roof was destroyed by a storm that piled ice and 17 inches of snow on top of the dome in December, forcing the Vikings to move the location of two home games.

According to the report, the hope is that construction will be completed by Aug. 1, but previously there was doubt the job could be done by then.

In the bigger picture, the Vikings are seeking a new home and the focus will be on the state legislature as the parties seek a plan to raise revenue for the construction of a stadium to replace the Metrodome.

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