Bengals quick snap perfectly legal says NFL source

The Cleveland Browns were asleep at the wheel in the defensive huddle, according to an NFL source, on the play that allowed A.J. Green of Cincinnati to score a 41-yard touchdown in the Bengals' 27-17 victory Sunday.

According to a report by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, there was "no substitution violation" committed by the Bengals, the source told the newspaper on the touchdown play.

The Bengals made personnel substituions on the play and snapped the ball to quarterback Bruce Gradkowski with 14 seconds left on the play clock. Initially, Browns coach Pat Shurmur believed the play to be in question due to illegal substitutions. However, the league apparently did not see it that way.

While the Browns, who had 12 men on the field during the play were trying to figure out what defense to get in, the Bengals simply snapped the ball, and Gradkowski fired a pass to Green, who had a 20-yard jump on cornerback Joe Haden, giving Cincinnati an easy score.

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