Bernard Pollard buys into Gregg Williams' approach

Bernard Pollard isn't afraid to speak his mind. And he isn't shy about delivering a big hit on the football field.

So when Pollard signed with the Tennessee Titans, it's not surprising that he has found a match in reinstated defensive coach Gregg Williams, who sat out last year for his role in the bounty scandal with the New Orleans Saints.

Pollard says he quickly embraced Williams' aggressive style and approach to football.

"He’s not out here for no reason. You look at him, he had a year off. We can say it was right, wrong or indifferent, whatever. It doesn’t matter. He’s back in this thing, and for us as players, what happens here, what you hear here stays here," Pollard told "We’re players. That’s our coach and we’re supposed to back our coach. And we’re supposed to back our players. If one teammate fights, we all fight. If one coach goes through it, we all go through it. This is a brotherhood here. We have to go in there. Coach Williams and Coach (Jerry) Gray, they’re trying to do something this team has been trying to do the last few years. When it’s all said and done, we’re gonna out out there and play football.”

Pollard spoke of the Titans defense being unified and used an aggressive manner in speaking to that effect - something that has been a part of Williams' repertoire for years - well before the situation in New Orleans.

"For the most part, I can lead by example. I’m a guy where I flip that switch on the football field. My teammates, I hope everybody’s got switches, because if you don’t, that’s the wrong sport you’re in.,” he said. “That’s the mindset we have to have as a defense. If a guy wants to come across the middle, if a guy wants to pick a fight, we’re gonna fight and we’re gonna ask questions later. We’re not gonna worry about it at that point. I don’t care.

“The guy has an opposite jersey on so we’re gonna fight him. We’re gonna beat him down and then we’ll talk about it afterward. We’ll laugh, and hopefully, our teammate didn’t get beat up. For the most part, we’ve just got to have fun. We’re on this stage. We’re blessed with talent. Go out there and let it all hang out. Go play football. This is a game, and we can’t make it harder than what it is.”

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