Bidwills will be Bidwills

The NFL lockout will hit the bottom line for those working for the Arizona Cardinals.

Front office workers and coaches will lose 35 percent of their salary beginning April 11, 30 days after the start of the lockout, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

And some people wonder how the Bidwill family earned its reputation.

Per the report, ownership “has the right” to refund the lost pay if no games are missed. But if just one game is missed, the franchise is “under no obligation” to refund a penny. Keep in mind the last the NFL had a work stoppage, in 1987, the NFL played only 15 regular-season games.

Additionally, the Cardinals may institute unpaid one-week furloughs in May. In other words, enjoy your vacation but we’re not paying for it.

"Every team has a clause that says their salary will be rolled back at a certain point in time," NFL coaches association executive director Larry Kennan said last month. "The good teams say they won't roll back salaries for six months. The bad teams say they'll roll it back immediately and certain teams have it written into the contracts that they can be terminated immediately. That's for all coaches and head coaches."

The Chicago Bears have said there are no plans for pay cuts immediately. Stories have surfaced that the Carolina Panthers, who just assembled a new coaching staff with Ron Rivera, did not force coaches to include clauses in their contracts that could lead to pay reductions.

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