Biggs: Blache throws himself under bus in D.C.

If you are looking for someone to throw under the bus in Washington, pick Greg Blache.

The defensive coordinator said he’s happy to assume that position at this point with the Redskins off to a disappointing 1-2 start and coming off a loss at Detroit, the Lions’ first victory since 2007.

The Redskins announced that Reed Doughty would be taking over at strong safety for Chris Horton, who made three interceptions as a rookie last season and looked like a promising player in the secondary. In making the move, they chose experience and savvy over athleticism with Blache basically implying Doughty was more sound in the scheme.

“Reed has actually played better the last couple of weeks,’’ Blache said. “(Horton) has struggled a little bit. He had a play last week with bad eyes. We got a big interference call. It’s not that we’re down on him, but the fact that you have a guy, in Reed, that’s so close (in talent), it gives you an opportunity to get a guy who gives Chris a chance to catch his breath, re-focus and come back strong. It’s a long season.’’

That’s when Blache was asked if Horton’s lack of progress since last year was behind the decision.

“Not at all,’’ he said. “Those two have always been real close. It was just a decision we made. It’s not that the problems we had were Chris’ fault. Quite candidly, in 2009, if things go bad, somebody’s got to go under the bus. Being the leader of the defense, I should be under the bus. If someone wants to throw me under, I’ll dive under. Going under the bus, you get your feelings hurt a little bit, and at worst, you might end up with skidmarks on both sides of your shorts. You do, it’s true. I can deal with the hurt and stuff, and we can just go on and play.”

Interesting that the defensive coordinator would step out and say, pick me, after on team that has scored 40 points through three games and has scored more than 20 points once in the last 11 games going back to last season.

“Because I’m the leader and quite honestly, if the calls aren’t real good, that’s my fault,’’ Blache said. “If the players don’t play with detail, that’s my fault because that all comes back to coaching. If we didn’t have talent, you’d say, well, there’s a talent issue. We have talent. Sunday, I thought we were a better football team, but we didn’t play better.

“When you stop, look in the mirror and you go through all the details, that comes back to coaching. Quite candidly, I have no problem accepting that. I’ve talked to the players about it. I’ll do a better job of giving them calls. I’ll do a better job of helping them on third downs, putting them in situations where they can be successful. I’ve got to be a little bit more of a maverick; not necessarily a McCain/Palin maverick, but a Bret or Bart kind of maverick, a little bit more of a riverboat gambler.”

Sounds like the Redskins will be pinning back their ears and going right after Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Johnson on Sunday at FedEx Field.

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