Biggs: Goodell says player salaries will continue to rise

Roger Goodell wasn’t exactly playing the role of Chip Diller (Kevin Bacon) in the classic “Animal House” when Bacon threw up his arms and declared, “All is well!” during the parade.

But Goodell says that player salaries will continue to rise even as owners seek a significant giveback from the players. In an appearance today on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Goodell said the players need to give back for the better of the game as it grows. That means owners need money for stadiums and international ventures as they attempt to continue to grow revenue streams.

“You have to invest in these stadiums that we're in today," Goodell said. "You need to find new ways of creating revenue, whether it's international or otherwise. And that takes investment. And we need to make sure that the owners have the capital to be able to do that. And then the pie grows, and everyone benefits."

The union has claimed that the owners are looking for an 18 percent rollback by players, something they are not interested in even considering, especially when owners refuse to open their financial records to players.

"We want to structure something that really is going to lead us into the next decade in a way that's constructive, so the players benefit, the teams benefit, and most of all, the game," Goodell said.

It’s got to be difficult for players to see how such big pay cuts help them in the longterm. It might be more difficult for players to see how they’re going to get more money in this plan. But Goodell is trying to reassure them that, well, all is well.

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