Biggs: Hanson will proceed with civil suit

Tom Cable will not face charges in Napa, Calif., for the assault Randy Hanson alleged occurred in a training camp meeting room, but this story isn’t going to go away anytime real soon.

The attorney for Hanson, an ex-Oakland Raiders assistant coach, said that they will proceed with a civil case. Hanson would probably have the option to file suit against Cable and the organization, and McGuinn hinted of more bad news to come.

Appearing on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, the San Francisco-based McGuinn said everyone would soon find out Cable is “not a nice guy.” There have been rumors circulating for weeks that Hanson would move to produce details regarding Cable that would be harmful for the Raiders head coach and this would seem to be what McGuinn is hinting at here. But if it was anything that was at all related to the alleged attack, it would have already come to light. Now, Hanson could be engaged in a smear campaign against the man he holds responsible for ruining his dream job.

Cable scored a huge victory when Napa district attorney Gary Lieberstein said his office unanimously decided not to bring charges against Cable based in part by the many inconsistencies in Hanson’s story.

Hanson suffered a broken jaw, and according to Lieberstein officials determined that Cable rushed him in the room before being cut off. Cable bumped into secondary coach Lionel Washington who in turn bumped into Hanson, spilling him out of his chair at which point Lieberstein believes his jaw was injured. The Raiders assistants in the room did not support Hanson’s claim that Cable threatened to kill him at any point, and Lieberstein simply saw no way to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that an assault took place.

“Our duty is to do the right thing for the right reasons,” Lieberstein said. “Under the facts and circumstances of this case, it would be a miscarriage of justice to pursue criminal charges and we will not ask our citizens to give up their valuable time for jury duty, nor will we allow our criminal justice system to be compromised.

“Something happened but even (Hanson) doesn't know how it happened. I don't even think he has a good idea.’’

It’s not yet a closed matter with the NFL. Cable could still face disciplinary action from the league for violation of the personal conduct policy. Lieberstein said that at one point Cable was standing over Hanson holding him by his shirt collar. But he’s certainly far better off with commissioner Roger Goodell than he would have been if Lieberstein would have come at him with even misdemeanor battery charges.

“We will review the decision announced earlier today by the Napa District Attorney and the facts developed in the underlying investigation,” the NFL said in a statement. “Following that review, we will take appropriate action, if any, under our policies.”

Hanson had little to say about the matter to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports Thursday night. Not surprisingly, the lifelong Raiders fan compared it to a stinging moment in franchise history—Oakland’s loss to Denver in the 1977 AFC Championship Game when the Raiders recovered a fumble by Broncos running back Rob Lytle near the goalline only to have an inadvertent whistle nullify the turnover.

“The Raiders would’ve gone to the Super Bowl,” Hanson told Silver. “But they blew the whistle, and all (Oakland fans) could do was shake our heads.”

Oakland fans surely want this bizarre episode to go away. McGuinn and Hanson are not inclined to let that happen. We’ll see if McGuinn is posturing with a bunch of hot air when he loosely hints at details to come about Cable, or if he has something that would actually have any relevance to a civil suit.

“As we have said all along, whether he (Lieberstein) files or not, it makes no difference to us,’’ McGuinn told AOL Fanhouse. “We have our civil case and we will proceed accordingly.’’

The football team can now proceed accordingly, and that is the most important thing for the Raiders.

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