Biggs: Heat only turned up on Zorn

Could the Jim Zorn era be measured in remaining hours now, not remaining games?

The Washington Redskins managed to lose in spectacular fashion again today, blowing what was a 17-2 lead in the third quarter against the previously winless Carolina Panthers.

Daniel Snyder’s club has now been the first victory for the Detroit Lions and Panthers, and the Redskins barely managed home victories over a pair of teams that have yet to get wins—St. Louis and Tampa Bay. Washington’s opponent has not had a win entering each game this season, and it can’t sit well for Snyder, who surely believes his team should be 4-1 or better. No team has had an easier schedule to start the season than the Redskins.

Snyder has been conspicuously invisible thus far, but has ordered the addition of Sherman Lewis as an offensive consultant. Rumors broke this morning that Snyder has not made one run at Mike Shanahan, but two. The Redskins will host the Kansas City Chiefs this coming Sunday, but the Zorn era is going to come to an end. It’s not a matter of if, but when. And when his team can’t get it done with a 15-point lead on the road against a winless Panthers team that had been self-destructing, well, that’s a quick way to head to the unemployment line.

Zorn’s offense was bad once again. Quarterback Jason Campbell was just 17-of-23 for 145 yards, and the Redskins mustered only 74 yards rushing. It’s rare that Zorn can even put 21 points on the scoreboard, and he was hired as an offensive guru.

If there is such a thing as an ideal time for a coaching change during the season, it’s the bye week. Who knows if Snyder will wait that long. The Redskins don’t have a bye until Week 8. The host the Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles before then.

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