Biggs: Hester tries to run away from his remarks

Upon further review, Devin Hester would like to review some of the things he said earlier today when he stood in the locker room at Halas Hall addressing such topics as his season and the future of the organization.

The Bears wide receiver expressed frustration in his role. He’s currently sidelined with a strained left calf muscle, and he caught only six passes in the last three games prior to the injury. He also said you don’t have to be dialed into the situation to know that change is coming to the building with the team at 5-8 near the end of a season that began with incredible fanfare and expectations.

No, Hester didn’t like one bit how his words were used and he—or someone with access to his official Twitter account—set out to set the record straight.

“I feel like the media blew my interview out of proportion and that everything I said was reworded or taken the wrong way,’’ Hester said on Twitter.

“When I am asked, `Will there be changes?’ My answer is `yes,’’’ he continued. ``What I mean is; there will always be new guys (rookies, trades or coaches).

“That goes for every team, whether you are picked up or traded, it is still a change to the team.

“After reading current articles I feel like the press tried to make me seem like I had inside information on the future of coaches or players.

“Which is not the case at all.’’

Here’s the thing: Hester didn’t say anything that everyone doesn’t already know. The Bears’ offense has been bad, it hasn’t played to the strengths of some of its playmakers, and yeah, change is coming.

"It's tough watching other teams, other offenses find ways for their guys to get their hands on the ball better (than we do),' Hester told a pack of reporters earlier in the day. "We've had some plays we had called during the week we weren't able to call during games because of certain situations.'

This wasn’t an interview Hester provided to one person. He spoke to a large group, and everyone there took what he said to essentially mean the same thing.

"There will be a lot of changes, I know that for a fact,' Hester said. "[I] am not blind. Everybody sees it...Just from being around this league for a little while, when things are going bad, somebody you least expect is going to go.

"I don't know how it's going to turn out. At the end of the day, Jerry [Angelo] and Cliff [Stein] are the guys who make that decision.'

Hester should stand by what he said. He didn’t take any cheap shots at anyone, or speak critically of any individuals. What he said is out there. He only makes himself look worse when he tries to dodge what he said after the fact. There is no red flag for a press conference.

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