Biggs: Mizzou LB Weatherspoon slimmed down, looking good

MOBILE, Ala.—The first thing South linebacker Sean Weatherspoon did was call the Senior Bowl a “pretty tough environment.”

The Missouri product has made life easy on himself, though, by getting to his best playing weight. He checked in on Monday at 241 pounds, which is the range he played in as a junior. Up over 250 pounds this past season when the Tigers moved him back-and-forth between the inside and outside, he didn’t perform as well and may have impacted his draft stock.

“Word is my senior season wasn’t as good as my junior season. I’m out here to impress scouts and show them I’m a respectable guy and a guy who really cares about football,” Weatherspoon said. “I feel like If I go out there and do that, things will work out for me.

“I had a more productive junior season. I just tell (the scouts) about my weight gain. I gained about 10 pounds after my junior season to 252 and now I’m back down around 241. I’m back to that weight where I played a lot better, moved a little quicker.

“I’m learning how to be more physical. In the NFL, it’s all about being downhill. They want you downhill, making plays through the block, not around the block. That’s the big thing right now.”

Weatherspoon projects as an outside linebacker in the NFL, although he could be a fit for 3-4 teams on the inside. The versatility will make him attractive as a potential high selection.

“Weatherspoon has played both inside and outside. To me, he looks more like an outside linebacker,” NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said. “He’s got great speed and quickness. He mirrors the quarterback well in the passing game. He’s a solid first-round pick and I think a lot of teams are very excited about him.”

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