Biggs: Riggins takes attack of Snyder to new level

John Riggins, the Super Bowl MVP and Washington Redskins icon, has taken his YouTube act against Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato to a new level.

The outspoken and loquacious former running back found a much larger platform from which to attack. He’ll be featured tonight on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” and he’s firing new ammunition at Snyder in what sounds like it has become personal in an attack in which he questions the character and heart of the man.

“I’ve been asked this question a lot, when they say do you have an ax to grind, and I think anytime an older player criticizes or says anything about his former team, unless he’s throwing Bon Mots at them, that all of a sudden you get a, ‘What’s he griping at,’ type of thing?’’ Riggins said in a transcript released by Showtime. “Maybe that’s the case. But truthfully I do have an ax to grind and I just realized I have been a little bit disingenuous. But this is a bad guy that owns this team. I’ll just tell you that upfront. Bad guy. And if the commissioner is worried about potential new owners and saying some of these guys shouldn’t apply, he might want to police his own inside guys.’’


Bad owner? Well, his record isn’t very good. Bad guy? Sure, the Redskins aren’t letting fans carry signs at FedEx Field. But bad guy? That’s something entirely different.

“Because his business practices, I think,’’ Riggins said when pressed how Snyder is bad. “I don’t want to say they are unethical, but I don’t think it’s a place, a climate that is created there where people can be successful. It’s driven all by his ego and everything has to come from him. And I just don’t think you can be successful in those situations and when you are dealing with someone with the mindset of a child and yet owns a franchise in the NFL. I think you have some problems there.

“I am saying that I don’t think that this franchise can be successful where you have people saying, ‘Oh this person Dan Snyder wants to win. He wants to win.’ It’s all about priorities, what’s my priorities? The priority is it’s all about me. I have to have my needs met then I want to make money, and or those are one and two, and then I want to win. You can see by the decisions that are made. I don’t know if you have agreed with anything I am saying so far, but at this point, I would think you would say, `Yeah, I’ll go along with that.’

“This person knows nothing about football, absolutely nothing. I don’t think they have a clue how a football team comes together, how it works. And yet they are the ones that are basically calling all the shots through a puppet, which is Vinny Cerrato. That is my take on it. I speak for the fans because these are the people that paid my salary for all these years. They are the ones that need to know that this is a bad guy.’’

At that point, Cris Collinsworth points out that there is a vast difference between being a bad executive and a bad person.

“Let me put it to you this way,’’ Riggins said, “this person’s heart is dark.”

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