Biggs: Schwartz calls Mangini way out of bounds

It’s a shame Detroit and Cleveland are not in the same division because not only would the NFL be able to centralize two of its most wretched franchises to spare some of the rest of the league, it might make for a nice little rivalry.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz did not respond kindly to the veiled allegations made earlier today by Browns coach Eric Mangini that Detroit faked some injuries to slow down Cleveland’s no-huddle offense.

“He’s way out of bounds on that,” Schwartz said. “That couldn’t be further than the truth. There was no need to do that to slow the pace down, because the officials were doing a really good job of standing over the ball for us and them.

“We used a lot of no-huddle also, and I thought that the crew did a really good job of making sure that substitutes were allowed to come from either side if the offense substituted. So that game was under control that way.

“There was no need to do any of that stuff. That couldn’t be further from the truth.’’

When you get right down to it here, all Mangini is going to have to do is produce some evidence of Schwartz using some cameras, and maybe he’ll be able to put together a case.

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