Brandon Jacobs' situation turning uglier

Brandon Jacobs isn’t happy but he didn’t need to toss his helmet into the stands Sunday night at Lucas Oil Stadium during the Colts’ dismantling of his Giants for everyone to know that.

Jacobs isn’t pleased with the division of labor between him and starting running back Ahmad Bradshaw and one report from Vinny DiTrani of the Bergen Record indicated the power back would demand a trade this afternoon. If that’s happened, news of it hasn’t filtered out yet. Good luck to the Giants trading Jacobs with a contract that averages $6.25 million per season.

Jacobs wasn’t happy last season, as Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News details, and it’s boiling over now. He stormed off from his locker when meeting with reporters earlier this month and then snapped Sunday night, dropping some choice expletives for reporters, according to Vacchiano.

“I have a lot on me right now, you know what I mean?” Jacobs said. “It’s not good. I just want to forget about all of this.”

Good luck with that too. As the report indicates, the NFL is likely to investigate Jacobs’ helmet-tossing stung. Even if it was an accident, he could be facing some discipline. Maybe that’s what he needs.

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