Broncos exploring all offensive options

INDIANAPOLIS _ How comfortable the Denver Broncos are with Tim Tebow might be told in what type of backup quarterbacks the team adds to its roster this off-season to compete with Tebow.

Will the Broncos pursue quarterbacks similar to Tebow that have mobility and can operate a form of the spread offense, or will they try to transition Tebow back into more of a pro style offense. Here at the NFL Combine, Broncos head coach John Fox seemed indicate that he would like to do some of both.

“At the end of the day, we're very comfortable with Tim. Tim turned us from a 4-12 team to a playoff team,” Fox said. “Our goal was to be champions at the beginning of the season. We became division champs. We weren't conference champs or Super Bowl champs.

“At every position on our football team right now, we need to improve at every position. Typically we go to camp with four quarterbacks. We've got two. That could come from a lot of guys. All you can do is find the best human talent we can to make us what we believe is a championship football team.”

Fox said the Broncos retooled the offense last year to fit the scrambling Tebow, but still want to get him to be more of a polished performer in all aspects of his game.

“It was more of a Wildcat type offense, except it was with a quarterback. We had that (in the playbook) going on in camp this year back when Kyle Orton was the starter, and when Tim established himself as the starter, we used a little bit more and we grew it some,” Fox said. “I thought it was a great job by our coaching staff and players, Tim included, to adjust like that during the season.”

As for Tebow's development as a more conventional quarterback, Fox said in one sense it is typical of any young quarterback trying to learn his way around the NFL.

“Tim is a very good competitor, a very good player. He led us to the playoffs. He's a young quarterback at position that takes some time,” Fox said. “If you look at the history, there are quite a few quarterbacks that took some time and we're in the middle of that process. With the type of young man he is, he's going to do everything in his power to get better every day, and we'll see where that brings us.”

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