Cincinnati Quarterback Tony Pike

Tony Pike: No. 15, QB, 6-6, 226

A tall quarterback, Pike has no trouble seeing over the line of scrimmage and snapping off throws over the middle of the field. He showcases above average athleticism for his size and has the ability to move around in the pocket and break containment. Pike throws a clean ball and has a smooth, compact release. He gets the ball out of his hands quickly. He possesses the arm strength to make all of his throws downfield. He also displays impressive touch underneath and throws a very catchable ball. But, he struggles to maintain balance in his lower half when going through his progressions and has a tendency to drift in the pocket and fall off of throws.

Pike possesses above average anticipation skills when he can see the throw, but at times the game looks to be moving too fast for him and he will wait for receivers to get uncovered. He gets lethargic in the pocket, isn't overly decisive, and struggles to consistently go through his progressions and fit the ball into tight areas. Pike isn't afraid to stare down the barrel of the shotgun and hang in the pocket before delivering the throw. He possesses the ability to audible his way out of a play and looks natural taking snaps from center. At times, Pike will trust his touch too much and he doesn't always do the greatest of job of taking care of the ball.

He isn't quick with his footwork when trying to get his feet around throws and he tends to lose accuracy, especially outside the numbers. But, when he has time to step up in the pocket and throw the ball downfield, he showcases impressive accuracy and touch and can fit the ball into tight spots. Overall, he has an intriguing skill set, but doesn't look like a natural leader. He looks comfortable in the offense, but struggles when he doesn't have big throwing lanes. At times the game looks to be moving too fast for him. He looks more like a capable backup quarterback.

Grade: 5.9

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