CJ, DeAngelo Williams: Money changed expectations

DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers said in a conference call Wednesday with Tennessee media that he understands some of what his friend Chris Johnson is going through with the Titans since receiving a lucrative contract extension.

"With more money comes more responsibility. They expect you to come out and do things that you've never done before in your life,” said Williams via TitanInsider.com. “They want you to come out and basically be on the field by yourself and score every time you touch the ball, or pick up a first down. What they fail to realize is the other people get paid too. It's not necessarily whether you get the ball or not. There are other variables in that, the scheme.”

Williams got a $43 million contract ($21 million guaranteed) from the Panthers, who host the Titans Sunday, while Johnson held out for a $53 million deal ($30 million guaranteed). Neither player has lived up to their new-found riches, as Williams has 363 yards rushing, while Johnson has 366.

CJ agreed with Williams' assessment when asked about it Wednesday.

“Any time you get paid a big contract or hold out or anything like that, when you get back, they're going to expect a lot out of you," Johnson said. "That's just something that comes along with the contract and kind of being the face of the team. Everything comes along with it – even fans booing you and things like that. It comes along with the territory, and it's a situation where you can't let it get to you.”

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