CJ: Ravens tried to hurt me a little bit

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson said the, yes, Baltimore Ravens players were "trying to hurt me a little bit," in a playoff game his rookie season, eventually won by Baltimore, 13-10.

Johnson left that game with an ankle injury in the first quarter and did not return. He had already rolled up 72 yards and a touchdown on just 11 carries, plus a 28-yard reception in his limited time.

Johnson, who faces the Ravens for the first times since that game in January 2009, admitted that the injury did not come on the play everyone thought it did, one in which he was bent backwards in a pile with some accusing Ed Reed of playing a role. Instead, both he and Reed said it happened a short time later, and even Johnson said it was a fair play.

“They were trying to hurt me a little bit,” Johnson said. “When they were actually trying to do it, it didn't happen. It actually happened on a very fair play.

“I feel the play I actually got hurt on it was a fair play. Just somebody landed on my ankle the wrong way, and I fell back the wrong way. It was a fair play when I got hurt. ”

Reed defended himself and the Ravens on the play, saying he and his teammates are not dirty players.

“Chris didn’t get hurt on that play, he got his back stretched out a little bit, but that wasn’t the play that hurt his ankle. He got hurt on another play, I want to say it was Brandon McKinney fell on his ankle,” Reed said. “I talked to Chris after that and everything was in-between the whistle. It’s never intentional to take any guy out. My game has never been like that. I know these guys don’t play like that either.”

Johnson is willing to let by-gones be by-gones regarding the game from his rookie year.

“It really doesn't have any carryover. That was two years ago. I'm just trying to win a game,” Johnson said.

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