Clinton Portis:'I speak from the heart'

The radio station that signed Clinton Portis to a contract in Washington captured just what it was looking for this week. An audience.

Portis’ weekly hit with 106.7 The Fan drew national attention last Tuesday when he spoke freely about the New York Jets’ locker room situation and suggested female reporters were in the locker room checking out 53 packages.

The Redskins scrambled their PR staff and Portis quickly issued an apology.

So, when it came time for his appearance on the airwaves today, well, surely The Fan got what it wanted. Portis spoke what he called the truth.

“I put it behind me," Portis said of the brouhaha from last week, according to a transcript hammered out by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. "I think people gonna always have negativity, man. When people don't wish you the best, it's always something that they're gonna find. I think everything that come out of my mouth is the truth. Whether people like it or not, it's always the truth. So with the comments that I made ... they were true, and some people can't stand the truth. And some people (can).

“At the same time, if you know me, if you know my sense of humor, if you know the way I talk, you know you're getting the truth or you know you're getting the humorous side of me. I don't think it's that serious. I think there's more to life going on that you can complain about and make a topic of discussion or point out and have on all the talk shows or give people a reason to point fingers besides the stuff that I say out of my mouth.

"So you know, for the people who don't understand, I'm never throwing anybody under the bus, I'm never bashing anybody. I think I tell the truth, I speak from the heart, and it's up to you to accept it. If you really don't want to hear me talk, then you can always tune out of this station or tune out of my interview. If you see me come across, just turn the TV off or turn the radio off. You don't have to listen. I think every day (there are) gonna be topics or headlines, that somehow someway they're gonna take my quote and put it into a context that I didn't say it in.

"I think if people would have listened to that whole interview, they would have seen I didn't say anything about the (TV Azteca) reporter. I just was speaking in general about reporters being in the locker room. I mean, it's over and done with, and for myself, I just won't comment on matters that I don't know anything about. And I'm gonna continue to mind my business and go on about my day and not lose any sleep, and when I get with my teammates, laugh about what I want to laugh about, and take the criticism that I'm gonna take.”

Tune in next week for more truth from Portis.

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