Cooley avoids ticket while talking offense

The long arm of the law reached out for Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley during a phone interview on Tuesday.

Cooley was driving near his home when he was pulled over in Leesburg, Va., while he was on his cell phone talking on the air with the “Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan.

"Hold on guys, I'm getting pulled over, so hang on," Cooley said, according to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. "Yeah, I apologize. I'll take it easy there."

Cooley apparently had driven out of his lane as he rounded a corner and Johnny Law happened to be right there. There was some quick back-and-forth between Cooley, who explained he was driving a dealer car, and then Cooley was sent on his way without a ticket and free to talk football.

“Officer Scalino of the Leesburgh police is awesome,” Cooley announced.

Then, he got into a little talk about, well, football and the new offense the Redskins are installing under head coach Mike Shanahan.

"The offense is just a little more advanced from the last offense," he said. "It's still the same terminology, which is nice for me. So all the formations are called the same, a lot of the routes are called the same. It's adding extra elements to everything. We don't run the same plays out of the same formations every time. You kind of have to learn concepts of the offense, because you're doing different things all the time. Last year I ran like seven routes, total. So it's a more involved kind of moving everyone, getting everyone to know what they do type of offense."

Cooley called last season, when he missed most of the year with an ankle injury, a “pure disaster” and an “embarrassment.” The biggest change that has been made, besides the ones at the coaching level, has been the addition of quarterback Donovan McNabb, who did a pretty good job of using a tight end in Philadelphia in Brent Celek.

"The quarterback in my opinion is the most important position in sports," Cooley said. "And yeah, I love Jason and I think he's an awesome guy, I'm happy for where he is now, but Donovan is a guy that's proved to be a winner. He's proved to win. So you can't take that for granted. I think that's a huge step up for us in that position.”

We hope Cooley keeps it in his lane.

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