Cowboys finally reveal play caller, sort of

Leave it to Jerry Jones to create a circus when it comes to who will be calling the offensive plays for the Dallas Cowboys this season.

Jones made it clear in January that he expected someone else to handle the chores this coming season, effectively stripping head coach Jason Garrett, who had been serving as his own play caller, of some of his power. But the club revealed nothing definitive in the months to come.

Then, earlier today, Jones told reporters to watch practice for hints of who would be calling the plays this coming season, according to Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas. It’s been expected that Bill Callahan would take over the duties … but no one has ever confirmed it.

“The big deal is if you been looking at practice you can get a pretty good idea of how it's going there and you see Bill very involved in what we're doing out there,” Jones said, per the report.

So, what did Callahan have to say about the matter?

“I'm flattered and as I said this a long time ago when we were visiting in January and February, everybody has a stake in this,” he said. “It's a compliment to our staff and it tells you the way our guys work on the offensive side of the ball. It's been productive all the way around. I'm really encouraged, I'm honored and just do the best job for our fans and our team.”

That would seem to lock it down, right? Well, not so fast. Garrett, when asked about the matter, declined to confirm that Callahan is indeed now the play caller.

“There is no real advantage for us to reveal whose calling the plays and how we're going to do it in early June," Garrett said. "It's just the way I feel about it.”

It can’t be that much of a disadvantage to revealing who is calling the plays at this point. Maybe it’s that Garrett would like to retain the responsibility. Maybe it’s just the way things are being done in Dallas these days.

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